The Ghost of Christmas Past

It's day three of blogmas - this month is already flying by! For today's post I have decided to look back over a few photos from Christmas over the years! I come from a big family so Christmas was always tonnes of fun and always full of laughter and toys and excitement! 25th December 2000:¬†Funnily… Continue reading The Ghost of Christmas Past


Top tips for Christmas Shopping!

Guess what - it's day two of blogmas and we're getting down to business. Today I want to talk about my top tips for Christmas shopping, my number one tip is to do it all online but I, as much as anyone else, love the atmosphere of the shops at Christmas and the hustle and… Continue reading Top tips for Christmas Shopping!

Winter Bucket List

As I seem to do every season, I have compiled a list of all of the wintery, festive things that I want to get up to over the next couple of months. As today marks the first day of Blogmas*, why not give you some ideas of what might be coming up! If you want… Continue reading Winter Bucket List

Saturday 25th November | A visit from my Goddaughter

Saturday 25th November: Exactly one month until Christmas My boyfriend woke me up at some ungodly hour with the offer of croissants and Gilmore Girls. Whilst it was an offer I simply couldn't refuse, it was still early so I made it my duty to remind him of the need for me to get as… Continue reading Saturday 25th November | A visit from my Goddaughter

Black Friday Sales Haul | 26/11/17

As you may have realised, it's black Friday weekend which means there were a million and one deals to be had. Unfortunately, it's just before payday so I wasn't expecting to get anything but a few of the things I wanted to buy as gifts were on sale so it seemed silly not to borrow… Continue reading Black Friday Sales Haul | 26/11/17

“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we were just having fun”

When I was a young child, my parents had just got their first digital camera and I was the first child who had all of my photos on the computer rather than in a dusty box! This seemed like a great idea until my dad, always one to try and fix what wasn't broken, somehow… Continue reading “We didn’t realise we were making memories, we were just having fun”

Autumn Bucket List (Review)

As we move away from autumn and into Winter (I could be way out - I don't know when the seasons fall, to be honest!) I am preparing my Winter bucket list and I decided that I would look back on my Autumn bucket list to see how I did. If you haven't seen it… Continue reading Autumn Bucket List (Review)

“The other half lives” by Sophie Hannah

I'm not usually one for a thriller, I'm much more a fan of a chiller out and predictable book. That being said, about 5 years ago my English teacher gave us a hand out which had a book extract on it, sometimes that's all you need to know whether you want to read a book.… Continue reading “The other half lives” by Sophie Hannah

My Christmas List 2017

It's here, it's starting and I could not be more excited: I'm dropping the C bomb. I come from quite an organised family when it comes to Christmas so I've already spent the last two months thinking about what I would like for Christmas and I've made quite the dent in my own shopping! I'm… Continue reading My Christmas List 2017

Autumn Wardrobe Staples

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love the spring and summer and those who love autumn and winter. I am firmly in the autumn/winter camp and I love the fashion in the colder seasons. Here are my 5 fashion essentials for the transitional weather. 1. A leather jacket You can't… Continue reading Autumn Wardrobe Staples