Copenhagen | The style diaries

If you saw my 'whats in my bag - Copenhagen edition' then you'll know that on this trip I tried to keep my outfits minimal because I was just taking hand luggage. I figured that it would be fun to try and get a few shots of my outfit each day to show you what… Continue reading Copenhagen | The style diaries


Whats in my bag | Copenhagen

Here's everything I packed in my hand luggage bag for a five day trip to Copenhagen.

The Weekend | 2/12/17 & 3/12/17

Saturday: Saturday morning I had every intention to wake up early, take my boyfriend to work, come home and get loads of stuff done before I went to meet my friend. Unfortunately, I didn't share these plans and I didn't set my own alarm so I woke up 30 minutes before I was due to… Continue reading The Weekend | 2/12/17 & 3/12/17

London | 21/10/17

I've noticed that, aside from all elements of my blog being missing recently, I haven't been doing many journalling posts at all! I know that my Monday to Friday life is far from blog-worthy, there's nothing aesthetic about my early morning starts, no makeup, greasy hair and long days covered in paint and poo! I… Continue reading London | 21/10/17

Greenwich | 16th September 2017

I woke up reasonably early - if you call 9 am early which, on a weekend, I do. My boyfriend warmed up some croissants and we snuggled on the sofa watching inside out. After the film, we got showered and dressed and made ourselves look lovely before heading out. We jumped on the train into… Continue reading Greenwich | 16th September 2017

London | 19/08/17

I woke up Saturday morning with every intention to lay in bed all day watching netflix however my boyfriend had other plans. He brought me breakfast in bed and then ordered me to get myself dressed and ready to head into London. I curled my hair and did my make up before getting dressed. I… Continue reading London | 19/08/17

Canterbury | 11th – 13th August 2017

As a child, being one of five, most of my holidays were UK breaks and usually within the fabric confines of a tent. Whilst I had the most fun as a kid, I haven't been camping in such a long time (except for a bit of a disaster trip with some of my friends from… Continue reading Canterbury | 11th – 13th August 2017

Con-grad-ulations! | 11/07/17

As much as I resent my boyfriend for waking me up at 5am this morning, I am bursting with pride as I know today is the day that he gets his masters degree. It's taken two tough years, thousands of pounds, tears, arguments and millions of words but I could not be more proud of… Continue reading Con-grad-ulations! | 11/07/17

9th – 13th June 2017: Cornwall

For as long as I can remember I have heard friends and family talking about Cornwall, the beautiful beaches, the incredible views, the very different night life and it's general pull. It's always been on the list of places that I want to get to but, being an English seaside, I'd never gotten around to… Continue reading 9th – 13th June 2017: Cornwall

Berlin 2017: May 13th – 16th

We had a great weekend in Berlin, we only went for three days but we had so much fun. On the first day we had to leave to go to the airport at 3am so we were pretty tired! We landed in Berlin at 9am local time, we checked into our hotel and dropped our… Continue reading Berlin 2017: May 13th – 16th