Autumn Wardrobe Staples

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love the spring and summer and those who love autumn and winter. I am firmly in the autumn/winter camp and I love the fashion in the colder seasons. Here are my 5 fashion essentials for the transitional weather. 1. A leather jacket You can't… Continue reading Autumn Wardrobe Staples


18 before 2018

When I was reading through new posts from the blogs I follow the other day I spotted a post that intrigued me on and it inspired me to start thinking about what I wanted to achieve before the year is up. I looked at my life and what I'm unhappy about and I looked at… Continue reading 18 before 2018

My Favourite Halloween Films | 2017

Let's start this out by pointing out that I do not watch scary films, I once watched Scary Movie (the spoof film) with my brothers and I couldn't sleep, I ended up staying up all night watching Disney princess films to calm me down. That being said, I love getting in the mood for every season… Continue reading My Favourite Halloween Films | 2017

5 Spooky Facts I didn’t know about Halloween

I was planning to name this "five spooky facts that you didn't know about Halloween" until I realised that a lot of you are probably a whole lot more clued up than me! Since this realisation, I decided I would get on better researching for facts that made me go 'wow, really?' since at least I… Continue reading 5 Spooky Facts I didn’t know about Halloween

Girls Night Out | Outfit

Last night after work I spent a couple of hours getting my face on, curling my hair and getting myself glammed up ready for a much-needed girls night. Skin: I had washed my hair the night before as I knew that I would want to curl it and my hair barely holds a curl as… Continue reading Girls Night Out | Outfit

10 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Since Halloween is approaching, although I'm not even sure whether my boyfriend and I will be attending any Halloween parties this year, I have been thinking about what we could dress up as. That in mind I have explored Pinterest - I really am just looking for justification for my hours of endless scrolling - and… Continue reading 10 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Homemade Gratitude Cards

If you read my last blog post where I shared my autumn bucket list you may have spotted that one of my items to do during the season was to send 'gratitude cards.' I'll be honest, I don't know if they're even a thing but I wanted to make them a thing, so I've done… Continue reading Homemade Gratitude Cards

My Autumn Bucket List

I never seem to get on board like I want to with the whole 'seasonal' activities and sometimes I do feel like I'm missing out a little. I don't want that to be the case this year so I have created an Autumn bucket list to make sure I get all of those seasonal activities… Continue reading My Autumn Bucket List

My favourite blogging tools​

Writing a decent, well polished and presented blog post isn't as easy as you might initially think. It's definitely not as easy as I thought and although I know that I still have a lot, and I mean A LOT, to learn, I have discovered a few tools which help to make the process that… Continue reading My favourite blogging tools​

Empty Products – August

August was seemingly quite a good month for me getting through products! I managed to use up 11 products in total. I've split them into hair, body and face for this month although a couple of products could have gone into different categories! Fruity coconut shower gel I'm sure I had one of these in… Continue reading Empty Products – August