Bank Holiday Weekend!

Saturday 27th May Saturday was a lovely day! We woke up reasonably early before spending some time just chilling in the sunshine. I went to tesco to get croissants, some fresh bread for lunch, alcohol, a new book and a fathers day card. When I got back we had some breakfast and spent the day… Continue reading Bank Holiday Weekend!


Monday 22nd May: Bubbles

Today was one of those days where I woke up more tired than I was when I went to sleep, I'm also convinced that my alarm must have gone off a few times before it actually woke me up! Once I was eventually up and ready I headed to work, it felt a bit off… Continue reading Monday 22nd May: Bubbles

Sunday 21st May: Going vegan?

Today has been a pretty mundane day, mostly I've been very hungover and very tired but I thought that I would still write a post because theres something that I've been thinking a lot about today and I wanted to share it with you guys and hopefully get some opinions. Since we had stayed at… Continue reading Sunday 21st May: Going vegan?

Mr and Mrs Percival: 20th May 2017

Theres been months and months, even years, of planning for the day where my brother and his beautiful bride tied the knot! It's an incredibly special thing for my brother to have met the girl of his dreams who just so happens to be an amazing woman who has become one of my best friends! When… Continue reading Mr and Mrs Percival: 20th May 2017

Berlin 2017: May 13th – 16th

We had a great weekend in Berlin, we only went for three days but we had so much fun. On the first day we had to leave to go to the airport at 3am so we were pretty tired! We landed in Berlin at 9am local time, we checked into our hotel and dropped our… Continue reading Berlin 2017: May 13th – 16th

Tuesday 2nd May – Thursday 4th May

And so it begins again, the very reason that I really struggle to blog during the week. One day I will find a decent solution to this but for now, lets go. Tuesday 2nd May This was back to work day after a long weekend so I was a little bit glad to be back… Continue reading Tuesday 2nd May – Thursday 4th May

Monday 1st May: Bank Holiday

Today was my favourite sort of day, a bank holiday with no plans what so ever. I'm a girl that loves a to do list so a day with no plans where I can just stay in my pyjamas and get shit done is right up my street. I woke up fairly early mostly to… Continue reading Monday 1st May: Bank Holiday

Goodbye April, Hello May

April was a pretty busy month and I did get a fair bit done, I'm really excited to be stepping into another really exciting month in May. I started my April at a weekend away with my old brownie pack which I wrote about here and I had a really great time. Unfortunately this fun weekend… Continue reading Goodbye April, Hello May