Easter Rocky Road

I had planned to make an incredible Easter cake, but as is so often the case in my life, I didn't get around to it. Instead here's a recipe for awesome rocky road.


A week feels like forever..

As the title says, it feels like honestly forever since I've been writing this blog. I feel like I haven't even picked up my laptop for a good few months. I've just checked and it hasn't actually been that long, I wrote a blog post on the 18th March which was about my birthday day out… Continue reading A week feels like forever..

Monday 13th – Friday 17th March

I think I am going to take a new approach with these blog posts for a couple of reasons, mostly though, on week days when I'm at work, there's not too much going on so it doesn't really warrant a post per day. Monday To be honest, Monday is a prime example of why it's not… Continue reading Monday 13th – Friday 17th March

Saturday 11th March

Today was a pretty busy Saturday! I woke up super early to take my boyfriend to the station for work. I came home to get ready and I managed to get a little bit of coursework done before my mum and sister arrived. We went to Romford to do some shopping because my mum needed… Continue reading Saturday 11th March

Friday 10th March

Today was another pretty stressful day at work, made worse by the fact a few members of staff were off on a course but to be honest we made it through and it wasn't too bad! After work I had one of those moments where you really just question every decision you have ever made… Continue reading Friday 10th March