July Round up | 17/08/17

I know it's a smidge late into the month to be posting a round up post from the previous month but I love these sort of posts because they're so fun and they're especially great because I love to read them back myself. First I would like to take the chance to mention a couple… Continue reading July Round up | 17/08/17


Summer ‘book-it’ list! | 27/07/17

One of my mid year goals was to write every day but I've already missed a day so I'm not doing too well! That being said, I'm still going to try so here's today! With the end of my level three course drawing ever closer (less than two weeks to go!) I've been thinking about how… Continue reading Summer ‘book-it’ list! | 27/07/17

Mid Year Goals | 24/07/17

This is a post that I saw on someone else's blog and it inspired me, I did a post about my bucket list for 2017 but I thought I would review that and maybe set a few new goals to aim for throughout the second half of the year. 1. Spend a day in London… Continue reading Mid Year Goals | 24/07/17

Empty Products | 23/07/17

One of my favourite blog posts to read are reviews and whilst I never feel like I have enough to say about one product to do a full on review I decided that I would give a 'products I've used up' post a try. I must have something to say if I've used up the… Continue reading Empty Products | 23/07/17

Graduation Celebrations | 22/07/17

Whilst I have no photos to share with you on the first part of my day because the first half of my Saturday was spent at work, I did want to tell you a little bit about it. I woke up early - my favourite thing to do on a Saturday - and I got ready for… Continue reading Graduation Celebrations | 22/07/17

Gratitude | 18/07/17

Today has been a rough day, I won't go into it because thats not what this post is about but a nosebleed and a smashed phone were just the tip of the iceberg today! I think tough days are there to test you though and whilst I'm 99% certain that I did not pass whatever… Continue reading Gratitude | 18/07/17

Bubbles, beer and a BBQ | 15/06/17

My boyfriend has swanned off to visit his dad for the weekend and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit in the house on my own watching crappy telly with the dog. Having said that I'm not one for going out too much so I decided that a happy compromise would be to just… Continue reading Bubbles, beer and a BBQ | 15/06/17

Sonnet | 14/07/17

Todays writing prompt encourages me to do something even more different to yesterday, today's challenge is a poem! I cannot remember the last time I wrote a poem, let alone a decent one, let's be honest, that has probably never happened! That being said, I'm going to give it a go. Since I'm not a… Continue reading Sonnet | 14/07/17

The Rocket Ship | 13/07/17

When I was looking through my list of writing prompts, one that really stuck out to me was 'the rocket ship.' It reminded me of a short story that I wrote when I was younger and I used to write a lot of short (usually not too good) stories. I'm surprised that I even remembered… Continue reading The Rocket Ship | 13/07/17

Beach Inspired | 12/07/17

I want to write more posts on this little blog of mine, however I'm fully aware that it's pretty boring for me to write 'work, dinner, bed' every day, and I'm sure it's even more boring for you to read it! I've finally come up with a solution to this so I've decided to take… Continue reading Beach Inspired | 12/07/17