Final Disney day!

We woke up on our final disney day, pigged out on breakfast and checked out of our hotel ready for our final day in the park. Our final day was the actual 25th birthday of Disneyland Paris so we got a badge and a souvenir programme and we decided that our first call of the… Continue reading Final Disney day!


Disney day 5

This was our final full day in the park so we decided to get everything that we hadn't managed to do yet done so we could tick everything off the list! This one was a pretty relaxed day because we didn't have a tonne of stuff we wanted to do and it was super hot… Continue reading Disney day 5

Disney day 4

The first stop of today was meeting Mickey mouse because can you really go for a trip to Disneyland and not go and meet the man himself, Mickey mouse? We met a few characters and most of the rides that we hadn't already got done. This was our final super busy jam packed day and… Continue reading Disney day 4

Disney day 3

Day three was such an exciting day, we had our breakfast and met Goofy before we headed to the park. We went straight to the studio's to meet Belle although we ended up queueing for about two hours to meet her! Luckily it was worth it and the photos we got were lovely. We did… Continue reading Disney day 3

Disney Day 2

We woke up early on day two and we were so tired! We got ourselves ready and headed straight to the breakfast buffet and began the day with my favourite pastry breakfast. After breakfast we met pluto for a photo and then we went and hopped o nto a shuttle bus into the park ready… Continue reading Disney Day 2

Disneyland Paris Day One

From the 7th to the 12th April, my work friend and I spent 6 days in the happiest, most magical place I've ever known as we joined in with celebrating the 25th Birthday of Disneyland Paris! We stayed at the Santa Fe hotel for our trip and we were both really impressed with the hotel,… Continue reading Disneyland Paris Day One

Goodbye April, Hello May

April was a pretty busy month and I did get a fair bit done, I'm really excited to be stepping into another really exciting month in May. I started my April at a weekend away with my old brownie pack which I wrote about here and I had a really great time. Unfortunately this fun weekend… Continue reading Goodbye April, Hello May

Sunday 30th May: Organising

I woke up later than I would on a usual day however it wasn't super late. My boyfriend and I watched a few episodes of project runway, yes - I know, we're such rockstars. We got up and got ourselves ready for the day and we drove into the local town. We went into Starbucks and got… Continue reading Sunday 30th May: Organising

Saturday 29th April: Laser Tag

Today was a pretty exciting day because it was the day that we had decided to celebrate my friend's birthday. We had decided to go and do an outdoor laser tag session, although a bit nervous, I was so excited about it! I woke up and lay in bed for a little while just watching… Continue reading Saturday 29th April: Laser Tag

Friday 28th April: Funeral

This is a pretty tricky post to write but actually a post that I think will hopefully be quite useful. Recently we lost a truly wonderful woman, my boyfriends nan. As is traditional when a death occurs, we had a funeral to attend. Now don't get me wrong, of course my main focus of the… Continue reading Friday 28th April: Funeral