10 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Since Halloween is approaching, although I'm not even sure whether my boyfriend and I will be attending any Halloween parties this year, I have been thinking about what we could dress up as. That in mind I have explored Pinterest - I really am just looking for justification for my hours of endless scrolling - and… Continue reading 10 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas


Pumpkin Picking Day

Inspired by my recent autumn bucket list, I woke up Saturday morning with no plans however the weather was decidedly autumnal and I thought that I might as well make the most of it. After watching a few episodes of Gilmore girls to get me in the mood, my boyfriend, his mum and I got… Continue reading Pumpkin Picking Day

What I thought of the apprenticeship programme?

Before I even begin this blog post, I just want to put a disclaimer out there to say that obviously everyone experiences things differently and every sector works differently but this is just my opinion of my own personal experience doing an apprenticeship in the childcare sector.  1. Low pay I think this is one… Continue reading What I thought of the apprenticeship programme?

Homemade Gratitude Cards

If you read my last blog post where I shared my autumn bucket list you may have spotted that one of my items to do during the season was to send 'gratitude cards.' I'll be honest, I don't know if they're even a thing but I wanted to make them a thing, so I've done… Continue reading Homemade Gratitude Cards

My Autumn Bucket List

I never seem to get on board like I want to with the whole 'seasonal' activities and sometimes I do feel like I'm missing out a little. I don't want that to be the case this year so I have created an Autumn bucket list to make sure I get all of those seasonal activities… Continue reading My Autumn Bucket List

My favourite blogging tools​

Writing a decent, well polished and presented blog post isn't as easy as you might initially think. It's definitely not as easy as I thought and although I know that I still have a lot, and I mean A LOT, to learn, I have discovered a few tools which help to make the process that… Continue reading My favourite blogging tools​

Greenwich | 16th September 2017

I woke up reasonably early - if you call 9 am early which, on a weekend, I do. My boyfriend warmed up some croissants and we snuggled on the sofa watching inside out. After the film, we got showered and dressed and made ourselves look lovely before heading out. We jumped on the train into… Continue reading Greenwich | 16th September 2017

Question Two

If you're interested in getting a bit more of a background as to what these 'questions' are about, check out question one where I explained what I was doing! What does my ideal day look like from morning to night? This is such a tough question to answer since theres so many ways that I love… Continue reading Question Two

Empty Products – August

August was seemingly quite a good month for me getting through products! I managed to use up 11 products in total. I've split them into hair, body and face for this month although a couple of products could have gone into different categories! Fruity coconut shower gel I'm sure I had one of these in… Continue reading Empty Products – August

Haul | Clintons, Poundland, Bestsellers, Superdrug

I popped into town the other day because I wanted to get some writing done outside of my usual environment. I ended up sitting in Starbucks writing for at least three hours but I also needed to pick a few bits up from the shops so I ended up wandering and getting not only the… Continue reading Haul | Clintons, Poundland, Bestsellers, Superdrug