15th March 2018 | My 20th Birthday

I woke up early because despite turning 20 today, I'm still a child at heart. I was laying in bed for a while and the second my boyfriend rolled over at 6am I was pushing him out of bed to get my presents ready. We both head downstairs where he has already set up a… Continue reading 15th March 2018 | My 20th Birthday


21 Before 21

As I turn 20, I want to think about all of the things I want to achieve in my next year. Since I love a good list, I have written a list of 21 things that I want to accomplish before I turn 21.

December 1st – 15th 2017

1.12.17 December 1st is one of my favourite days of the month because it's officially the start of Christmas! I started my month with some advent calendars and a lovely Christmas card from my boyfriend. This year December started on a Friday which, let's be honest, is the best day of the week so it… Continue reading December 1st – 15th 2017

Top 10 Christmas Films

It's pretty hard to narrow it down to my favourite 5 Christmas films since there are a million excellent films so instead I decided to do my top 10 split down into two lists; well-known classics and lesser-known ones that are shown on Christmas 24. Miracle on 34th Street Elf The Grinch It's a Wonderful… Continue reading Top 10 Christmas Films

Christmas tag

I knew that I wanted to do a Christmas Q&A/tag for today's post but I had no idea what sort of questions to answer so I decided to turn to my trusty friend, Google. I found the following 20 questions from Root Report which I am going to answer for you guys today! Feel free to… Continue reading Christmas tag

The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop | Book Review

My first Christmas book of the year was The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop by Caroline Roberts. It was such a great, feel-good festive book and I almost want to read it again just to feel as cosy as I did when I read it! It follows the story of Emma who owns a chocolate shop… Continue reading The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop | Book Review

Surprise Christmas Date | 9/12/17

Last year my boyfriend surprised me with a day in London to visit the one Aldwych hotel and munch on Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed afternoon tea. It was a lovely part of my Christmas present that meant we got to spend some much needed time together so I was so excited when he… Continue reading Surprise Christmas Date | 9/12/17